A b s o l u t e   F a s t

The oxygen charge from this fast on air is best for individuals who have such damp excesses as water retention, candida overgrowth, too much body weight, abundant mucus, or sluggishness. Absolute fasting is not appropriate for the thin or overheated person. Without preparation and close supervision, it is not safe for most people to extend the fast beyond a day and a half (36 hours).

Such a fast generally accomplishes in this time what other fasts take several days to do. Eat or drink nothing for 36 hours begin at 6 0r 7 one evening; end early the second morning.

Absolute fasting is the most profound fast with the fewest distractions: one drops every aspect of solid and liquid nourishment and is sustained with the breath of life. Thus it is a fast which best encourages concentration on the ultimate and absolute nature of reality.

Native Americans would customarily fast on air for four days(96 hours) and end it by drinking 3-4 quarts of an herbal tea (peppermint works well) followed by regurgitation and sweat lodge. Regurgitation removes toxins in the stomach, and sweating helps excrete poisons that have accumulated in the lymphatic system near the skin.

Over the years we have witnessed dozens of people successfully follow this four day prayer fast in an isolated tepee on ceremonial grounds in Northern California. Each day of the fast a different lesson is brought by a spiritual teacher, who also monitors the condition of the faster.

An ancient middle eastern ritual included a 40 day absolute fast undertaken by the most evolved members of the Essene desert communities. Other Essenes also fasted for 40 days, but on moist fruit (20 days), fruit juice (10 to 17 days), and water ( 3 to 10 days). A life of prayer, ritual, and pure vegetarian food prepared all members well for fasting. The Essene sect is thought to have been founded by the prophet Eliijah. Members were noted for their longevity and often lived 120 years. Moses and Jesus were also recorded as completing 40 day fasts.


(Taken from Healing with whole foods by Paul Pitchford)



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