M i c r o   A l g a e   F a s t

This is a good fast for those with blood sugar imbalances and attendant sugar cravings, and for those who find fasting difficult.

Micro algae are often combined with vegetable juices or fruit juices, herbal teas or other liquid fast. When micro algae are taken with a cooked grain or vegetable fast, the combination becomes the safest fast for people who tend to be thin or slightly weak. It is also ideal for people who maintain a busy schedule while fasting. One seldom experiences hunger or other difficulty.

Use micro algae mixed into a liquid two or three times a day. Each time, take approx. 5 grams of spirilina, 1 1/2 grams chlorella, or 3/4 gram wild blue green algae.

At the start of the fast halve this dosage for three days unless you are already in the habit of using micro algae.

(taken from healing with whole foods by Paul Pitchford)



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