S i x  d a y   d e - t o x   a n d   r e g e n e r a t i o n  p r o g r a m

What you need and what you need to do every day;

Juice 600g beetroots,200g carrots,200g celery,140g potatoes,60g Chinese or european radishes to yield approximately 500ml.

Or obtain Biotta Breuss Vegetable Juice (you will need 6 bottles for 6 days)

sip 80ml early morning and mid morning

Sip 165ml midday

Sip 80ml early afternoon and late afternoon

1 packet Hilde Hemmes Spring Klenz Teabags

Take 3 cups during the day eg. morning,afternoon,evening.

1 Packet Hilde Hemmes' Laxative teabags

Take 1 cup if required to cleanse the bowels-best before retiring.

St Mary's thistle Liver tonic Capsules

Take 1 capsule (10,000 mg) daily.

2-3 litres Spring water every day

It is important to drink as much as you can-up to 3 litres daily)

Organic vegetable bouillon Stock

You may drink 1 or 2 cups every day,whenever you feel like it.

(taken from Hilde Hemme's detox and live)



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